Top 5 Sci-Fi Franchises of All Time


    First of all, let me just clarify that this compilation does not focus on is not about the popularity of the Sci-Fi franchise. If that was the case, this list would look very different (Battlestar Galactica wouldn’t have ranked so high). The main concern in this list is how artful the whole series was executed. How good the story and other elements are. Still, popularity does take a lot of bearing in the criteria used for judging and finally awarding TOP 4 Sci-Fi Franchises of All Time.

    Top 5 The X – Files

    Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully went off to chase the truth about government cover ups of extra-terrestrial contact on earth. The series defined it’s generations with its mistrust of powerful institutions and its faith quest slogan “the truth is out there.” The ever elusive mystery and twisting, dark, plots keep audiences in their seats.

    Top 4 Star Trek

    This is the father of all that is Sci-fi. This does not need so much introduction since it is can definitely be classified as a 20th century cultural icon. Star trek fans are everywhere. And they will most likely fight rabidly for any cause that that offends their fandom. The series is a breakthrough, inventing a new genre in television.

    Top 3 Star Wars

    Star wars is the other father of Sci-fi. George Lucas based the story on Joseph Campbell’s (modern thinker whose great contribution is the study of cross cultural myths and archetypes) theory on the hero’s cycle. Everyone was wowed by this movies impressive (back in its day at least). George Lucas’ special effects techniques are hallmarks in cinematic history. The story of Luke’s ascendance to power is pretty cool as well.

    Top 2 Battlestar Galactica

    This series ranks up in the top because it has officially dismantled the old Star Trek regime and showed viewers the visceral, cerebral, and dark future saga that touches on deep philosophical questions. Its plot: Man creates Cylon, Cylon creates Cylons in the image of man, in the battle between the two, the boundaries between the term “organic being” and “human person” are questioned. The show, like the X files, keeps audiences gripped with an ever fleeting question of origins.

    Top 1 The Matrix

    The Matrix redefined the action film. Its cinematography and action scenes set a high benchmark for all subsequent films that were to come afterward. The story is gripping. The mind squashing play on reality and the themes of humanity is engaging. It is choc full of philosophical asides that do not ruin the story and instead enriches one’s experience of it.

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