Hritik Speaks About His First Singing Experience


Hritik is known as a good actor and good dancer, now he's all set to prove that he's a singer too. Hritik has sung a song for upcoming 'Kites' which is scheduled for May 21st release. The music is already out and people are raving about the beautiful music and reviews have it that Hritik has done exceedingly well.

However, Hritik was too nervous to make his singing debut though his family has a music background; his uncle Rajesh Roshan has done the music of 'Kites' and many other hit films in the past including Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya, Koyla etc. Incidentally, his family members never took notice of Hritik's ability to croon; May be he's not the best singer around, but he definitely has a flair for music.

It was the director Anurag Basu who noticed Hritik singing once after pack up. He insisted that Hritik should sing a song in the movie, and after much prodding Hritik finally agreed to sing that song. Being the honest and hardworking sort, he tried his level best and he adds that he's not a professional singer. However, the director Anurag Basu was so excited that he went on to suggest that Hritik should think of music as an alternative career !!

The 36-year old actor lent his voice for the song 'Kites in the Sky', watch out for this track !! Kites has created huge buzz and everyone are eager to watch this movie. Hritik plays the role of a salsa trainer in the movie, who falls in love with the Mexican girl Barbara Mori. Language is the barrier between them and they embark a journey which is filled with enough troubles which are usually associated with a love story.

Source by Aravind Shivaraman


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