Has Hollywood Lost Its Originality?


As someone who watches a lot of movies it has to be said that I have become disenchanted with much of what is hitting the big screen these days. If it’s not a remake or a reboot of an already successful movie it’s yet another sequel to a series of movies which has long lost it’s charm. You just need to scout around the various movie blogs which inform us of proposed new movies and you will see that most of the news revolves around remakes and sequels. It definitely feels like that there is very little originality coming out of Hollywood these days with the men is suits wanting to trawl past successes when making new movies.

But the question is, why is this, why are most mainstream movies so lacking in originality?

Well you do start to wonder whether the current crop of talent who are making and writing these movies have themselves watched so many movies that even when they do write something original all it ends up being is an unintentional rehash of something which has gone before. It would certainly explain why so many movies hit the big screen which used the same tired old formulas to carry the movie and would also explain why many movies appear to emphasise set piece scenes rather than trying to tell a story.

But then if you take a look away from mainstream cinema and you will see this is not true, as there are plenty of independent movies which manage to come up with original and fresh storylines. Except because these independent movies don’t get the big budget backing of the major companies very few ever make it into the mainstream of viewing.

So there are still original movies out there but then why doesn’t Hollywood put their money and muscle behind them?

The thing is that many of us forget that whilst we watch movies for entertainment, Hollywood make movies to make money and as such they make movies which will appeal to the masses. So if the average movie goer is happy to watch a movie with an unoriginal storyline as long as it has the stars they like, enough humour or big action sequences then they will keep watching them and Hollywood will continue to make them, because they are safe and will turn a profit.

So it’s not that Hollywood can’t make original movies but they don’t want to risk putting their financial muscle behind them because they are a risk, they stray from the norm, what the masses want and can’t guarantee a decent return on their investment. On a business level you can’t really blame them either because it doesn’t make a huge lot of sense to put money into something which may not make any money.

So what does this all mean?

Well whilst I get depressed at the numerous unoriginal movies which get churned out into the mainstream, I can understand why. Whilst the masses are happy to pay to watch the same storylines reworked over and over again the situation won’t change. Not because Hollywood lacks originality but because it doesn’t make good business sense to stray from the norm. So for now at least it will be a case of watching those independent movies till the tide changes and the masses start wanting originality rather than star names and big bangs.

Source by Andy Webb


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